Fool Proof

Introducing Fool Proof Podcast Studio

Welcome to the Fool Proof Podcast Studio. Located in Northeast Minneapolis, Fool Proof is a shared workspace for creativity and collaboration, and home base for BKG Podcasting. Brand new to the space is the Fool Proof Podcast Studio. It’s an 88-square-foot space that comfortably accommodates five people, and is outfitted with professional gear, sound isolation, variable speed quiet ventilation, and a neon sign that reads “Party On.”


• RodeCaster Pro mixer
• Electro-Voice RE20 Microphones (5)
• Shockmounts, Boom Arms, Pop Filters (5)
• Audio Technica ATH-M40x Headphones (5)
• Zoom H49 Pro Digital Multi-track Recorder
• iMac
• GarageBand
• Hindenburg Journalist
• Variable Speed Ventilation Fans (2)

Let’s make a podcast!

Send me an email to find out more about recording with me at Fool Proof!